Miss The Stars Fest | 06.05.-07.05.2016
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Line­-Up 2016

Raein Legendary screamo band from italy

Sport Emopunk heroes from lyon, france

MORT! MORT! MORT! Screamo/post-hardcore/metal titans from france

The Hope and The Failure Reunion | Intense screamo/post-rock from sweden

Careless Playing their last berlin/germany-show ever. Such a great and lovely band

Enoch Ardon Chaotic screamo/emoviolence from spain

Shirokuma Emo/Screamo-Sweethearts from söderhamn

The Caulfield Cult Amazing Emo-Punk band from Singapore

Vi som älskade varandra så mycket Outstanding swedish screamo

OsoLuna Intense screamo from spain for fans of Ojne, Orchid and Viva Belgrado

Mont-Doré Visual and muscial stunning screamo/post-hardcore band from belgium

Potence Intense dark crust/screamo from france with members of Géraniüm, Human Compost, Black Code and Daïtro

Mahlstrom Moving "Weltschmerz" - Hardcore/Post-hardcore Ditzingen

LOTUS Awesome hardcore-punk for fans of Swain and Ceremony

THURM Dark and heavy post-black-metal for fans of Oathbreaker and Celeste

Scared of Everything Rad screamo from the UK

Years Passing Solo emo/shoegaze/ambient project by henning from Suis la lune

La Petite Mort / Little Death Upcoming Screamo/Post-hardcore highlight

We Had A Deal Stirring blend of groovy/chaotic hardcore, 90ies screamo and outstanding vocals. Sooo good.

Fever. Awesome hardcore punk band from Utrecht with members of Swain

Ceilings Most saddest twinkle skramz. Hailing from Cheltenham, UK.

Det är därför vi bygger städer New incredible screamo band with members of Careless, Ken Burns and Disembarked

Rêche New screamo band from Erlangen/Beilstein

They Sleep We Live New screamo band for fans of the old 90's stuff. Keep an eye on.



Will there be tickets at the door?

Yes. A limited number of day tickets will be on sale at the box office. Weekend tickets can be ordered at www.missthestars-records.com .

When will tickets be sent?

Tickets will not be posted. Please use your real name when ordering so we can check your ID against our list at the box office.

Are tickets refundable?

All tickets are non refundable but can be transferred to another person upon request.

How can I transfer my ticket(s) to another person?

Simply send us an email before the festival at missthestars.fest@gmail.com with the subject "Ticket Transfer". Make sure to include your name, and a new name for the ticket(s).

Can we sleep at the festival site?

Unfortunately there is no sleeping on site. However, we can recommend the following places if you're staying overnight:

Where can I find the schedule?

The start time for each band will be announced on the day and displayed at the box office as well as other locations around the festival.

How can I get there?

The fest will take place at Tiefgrund in Berlin (Laskerstraße 5, 10245 Berlin). This is only a few minutes walk from S­Bahnhof Ostkreuz (Ostkreuz Station).

To get to Ostkreuz Station:

From Schönefeld Airport (25 minutes)
Take the S9 towards Pankow and get off at Ostkreuz

From Tegel TXL airport (40 minutes)
Bus TXL towards Alexanderplatz and get off at Beusselstraße.
Then take the S­Bahn Ring 41 to Ostkreuz.

From the Central Station you have a number of options (15 minutes)
Take the S75 towards Wartenberg and get off at Ostkreuz.
Take the S5 direction Hoppegarten and get off at Ostkreuz.
Take the S7 towards Ahrensfelde and get off at Ostkreuz.

Once at Ostkreuz Station take the exit "Markgrafendamm" and follow the street a few minutes until you see Laskerstraße on your right.

What if I have a problem at the fest?

If you have any problems during the festival then please talk to one of the crew at the box office.

For praise, complaints, suggestions, and anything else

Email us at missthestars.fest |at| gmail.com

​Can I still enter Tiefgrund during the fest without a ticket?

Yes. Tiefgrund is open to public during the festival, but you will need a ticket to see the bands. Those without a ticket can still access the bar inside Tiefgrund, as well as the merch area in the gardens behind the venue.


ZUKUNFT am Ostkreuz / Tiefgrund

Laskerstraße 5,10245 Berlin

A five minute's walk from "Ostkreuz" station away Tiefgrund apperars as the subterranian outpost of the cultural eventplace at Laskerstrasse 5, where you will also find the cinema "Zukunft", a gallery and a large pub.

Get a detailed site plan here.